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My motivations for participating in Feb14 protests

Me and my friends who participate in the protests do not want to imitate what the Egyptian and Tunisians did (which we admire), by removing the regime, but to construct a very new government – a constitutional monarchy. We want fair and equal treatment to all people, and stop all the political strategy to change the demographic balance of the country between the Sunni and Shi’a !! The majority do not want be considered as second class citizens who has no word what so over in the running of their own country !! I also want this country to stop treating women and LGBT in a derogatory way.  In particular persecution of gay, lebsian, bi and transgender people must stop, there are many of us in the Kingdom, we do not ask for the moon, we recognise this is a step by step process. But in the new Bahrain I don’t want laws like offending “public morality” or “debauchery” twisted and used against us. This has to stop!!


I accuse the Bahraini government of Crimes Against Humanity!

I have been hearing the shots and the screams from home… I have been watching video clips of the army attacking their people, people of my country are dying, injured and scared to even go out from their houses. A DEVIL of a government that order their police forces and army to this to their own people. Yet we hear many people linking everything to Iran just because the dissaffected and the protestors are mainly Shi’a. Bahrainis went out to ask for their rights, no matter what division they are from !! Clear and simple!